Author: Celeste

The plot summary should be in point form, chapter by chapter, with page citations, so that someone trying to remember where a certain event occurs will be able to scan the plot summary and quickly find the event.
Chapter 1
  • Character of Nick revealed, p.6
  • Idea of West Egg vs. East Egg, p.7
  • Nick drives over to East Egg to have dinner with Tom and Daisy Buchanan. Jordan Baker joins them, p.8 + p.9
  • Youth ideal, p.9
  • Tom's character revealed, p.9 + p.10
  • Jordan Bakers character revealed, p.11
  • Daisy recognises Gatsby's name, hint of past relationship, p.13
  • Hint of marital problems and possible abuse, p. 14
  • Suggestion that Daisy is a fake, p.16
  • Mention of the green light, p.21

Chapter 2
  • Valley Of Ashes, p.22
  • Doctor TJ Ekleburg, p.22
  • Meeting Mr.Wilson and his wife, Toms mistress , p.24
  • Tom buys Myrtle a dog, p.25
  • Fifth avenue apartment. Meet Catherine and her husband, p.27
  • Myrtle taunts Tom about Daisy and Tom lashes out at her, p.33

Chapter 3
  • Description of Gatsby party, p.35 + 36
  • Nick meets Jordan Baker at the party, p.37
  • Nick and Jordan run into the Owl Eyed Man, p.40
  • Nick runs into Gatsby for the first time, p.41
  • Nick shows compassion for Jordan Baker, p.51
  • We find out Nick sends letters to a girl back in the west and signs "Love, Nick"

Chapter 4
  • Description of people who attend Gatsby's parties, p.53
  • Gatsby tells Nick about his past, oxford mixup p.55
  • Hint that Gatsby is corrupt, p.58
  • Mr.Wolfshiem , p.59
  • Awkward run-in with Tom in New York, p.62
  • Tom not present for his daughters birth, p.65

Chapter 5
  • Nick invites Daisy and Gatsby franticly gets ready to have tea, p.70
  • Gatsby anticipates Daisy's arrival at tea with Nick, p.71
  • Gatsby decides to have Daisy over, p.75
  • Daisy sobs at such fine shirts Gatsby owns, p.77
  • Daisy and Gatsby get to involved with themselves they forget about Nick, p.79

Chapter 6
  • Reporter comes to interview Gatsby, p. 81
  • Learn about Gatsby's past, reliable source, p.81 - 83
  • Tom and Mr and Mrs.Sloane criticize Gatsby's social manners when he accepts a false invitation to dinner, p.86
  • Daisy and Tom have a terrible time at Gatsby's party. Nothing like an old money party, p.90
  • Memory of Gatsby and Daisy's kiss in the past, p.92

Chapter 7
  • Gatsby stops throwing parties, p.93
  • Odd interaction between Daisy and her daughter, p.96
  • Nick, Gatsby, Daisy, Tom and Jordan decide to ride to New York, p.99
  • Tom expresses knowledge of Gatsby and Daisy's relationship, p.100
  • Second mention of Doctor T.J Eckleburg, p.102
  • Bill Biloxi, p.105
  • Gatsby is questioned about Oxford by Tom, p.106
  • Tom expresses rasist opinions about interracial marriage, p.106 - 107
  • Gatsby and Tom fight over Daisy, p. 107- 110
  • Nick remembers its his 30th birthday, p.111
  • Myrtle has been killed, p. 114
  • Man sees that it was a yellow car, Tom suspects Gatsby, p.115
  • Gatsby reveals that Daisy was driving the car when it killed myrtle, p.118

Chapter 8