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Chapter 1
New/Old Money
At the beginning (East Egg and West Egg)
pp. 6-8

Settling In
When Nick arrives to West Egg, he knows the directions to somewhere and feels proud.
p. 7

Marital Abuse
Daisy has bruised knuckles from her husband, Tom.
Top of p. 14

Tom says that 'Civilization is going to pieces' and 'the white race will be utterly submerged.''
pp. 14-15

Myrtle calls Tom on the house phone (twice), Daisy knows about it but says nothing.
pp. 16-17
Chapter 2
Tom invites Nick to New York, where they're with Myrtle, which Tom is having an affair with.
pp. 25-33

Myrtle says Daisy's name several times, infuriating Tom and causing him to break Myrtle's nose.
p. 33

Nick and everybody else is drunk, in the end, Nick doesn't remember where he is, or what he's doing.
p. 33-34
Chapter 3
There is so much food, that many of it goes to waste. (p.35- ''a pyramid of pulpless halves'')
All of Chap. 3

Gatsby invites many people, an orchestra, and many lights, all in his mansion.
All of Chap. 3
Chapter 4
Past times
Gatsby is reminiscing about his past in the war.
There is a description about Gatsby's past relationship with Daisy during the war.

Chapter 5
and Secrecy
Gatsby and Daisy see each other after many years, and everything goes back to where they were.
They start to fall in love again.
pp. 73-80
Chapter 6
Social Class
Tom, Mr. and Mrs. Sloane go to Gatsby's house, where you can see the social class difference of West
Egg and East Egg.
p. 84-86

Wealth & Luxury
Gatsby's party shows wealth, also there are a few celebrities amongst the party.
pp. 87-90

Gatsby wants everything to be the same with Daisy, he wants her to leave Tom for him.
Gatsby believes that he can repeat the past, although Nick disagrees.
p. 91
Chapter 7
Daisy is having an affair with Gatsby, whilst Tom knowing about it, this causes a fight between the men.
p. 95
p. 98
p. 102

Tom has strong feelings of jealousy when he sees his wife, Daisy and Gatsby together in his house.
p. 102

There is a commotion outside of Wilson's garage, where Myrtle has accidentally been run over by Daisy.
p. 114
Chapter 8
Past memories
Gatsby tells Nick about his past times with Daisy when they were young.
pp. 121-123

Myrtle has just died, which leaves Wilson very pale and mournful.
pp. 128-129

Wilson goes over to Gatsby's house, where he shoots Gatsby inside his own pool.
p. 132
Chapter 9
Death/ Funerals
Nobody attended Gatsby's funeral, this could suggest that Gatsby knew a lot of people, but
none of them would really support him, and attend his funeral.
p. 143

Confused Love
Nick is half in love with Jordan Baker, and he wants to sort out what went between them.
Although, Jordan rejects him since she is engaged to another man.
Nick leaves by feeling, 'angry, and half in love with her, and tremendously sorry.'
pp. 144-145

Green Light
Nick describes the 'green light' in front of Gatsby's house as 'the orgastic future.'
That green light was how Gatsby saw Daisy after all those years.
p. 147