Author: Storm

Major Themes

1. [The American Dream]

A constant theme throughout the book (and probably the most obvious one) is the American dream. The goal that everyone wants to achieve but proves so difficult that it ruins peoples life as they try to even come close to the typical dream. Everyone has different views of the dream. Some say it's all about being economically secure and being happy for the rest of their life. For others, it's all about becoming successful (or at least that's what they think it means). Jay Gatsby is one of those people. He claims he has been to war as well as being educated at Oxford, if this is true or not, we'll never know, but he is a sketchy character that never reveals straight out where he earns his money. (Insert Quote Here)
For Jay Gatsby, it's all about winning Daisy back. He thinks that through having a big mansion and an incredible wealth, he will be able to just simply take her back from the life she lives now. It proves to not be that simple...
The reader guesses that Gatsby has made his money through the drinking business and organized crime. We get this hint as Gatsby doesn't drink, which can be because he always want to be sure that his story his straight and consistent at all times (Insert Quote Here) .

2. [Second Theme]

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