Author: Sabrina

Role in the story
Nick Carraway
He is the narrator and a character in the story
Narrates the story
Honest, Open-minded and Reliable.
Jay Gatsby
The leading character and title character
He is the one that the story is based on
dishonest, dreamer and Imperfect
Daisy Buchanan
Second cousin of Nick and the previous lover of Jay Gatsby
She is the person that Gatsby wants to be with the most
mocking, negative and hides the truth
Tom Buchanan
He is Daisy's husband who is cheating
He is the one who's unfaithful
conceited, hypocritical and racist and sexist
Jordan Baker
She's daisy's friend and Nicks girlfriend
She gets involved with Nick and is a professional golfer.
dishonest, self-centered and boyish
Myrtle Wilson
She is the mistress of Tom and the wife of Mr.Wilson
She is Tom's mistress and believes she's Daisy
Dishonest, desperate and tries to get what she wants
George Wilson
Husband of Myrtle and owns run-downed garage shop
He is the same as Gatsby because they both are dreamers and are in love with women who are in love with Tom
dreamer, lifeless and idolizes Myrtle
Mr. Wolfshiem
Gatsby's friend
Helped Gatsby make his fortune