Author: Michelle

Chapter 1 - Stylistic Features / Narrative Technique Overview:

From the very first chapter, the narrator, Nick Carraway, has already been established as a rather open character who tries not to let first judgements reign (Carraway, care away, and what not).

It's evident that Nick is very fond of oxymorons, and has rather interesting ways of wording things. Obviously, his prose carries an air of almost haughtiness, but he seems to be very distant to the actions that are occurring before him. However, this may be due to his personality inflections, as he is noted for his suppression of judgement.

Being an affluent character, Nick also slips into the occasional lapses of snobbery (such as regarding Yale as 'New Haven' p. 8), and is mildly racist at times (for his constant reiteration of the size of Mr Wolfshiem's nose).

(to be cont.)

Stylistic Features / Narrative Technique
Quotation/ Reference to Text Illustrating Feature/Technique
Page #
Oxymoronic Wording
"...unusually communicative in a reserved way."
p. 1

"...two old friends whom I scarcely knew at all."
p. 9

"...I was conscious of wanting to look squarely at every one, and
yet to avoid all eyes."
p. 17

" elegant, young rough-neck"
p. 42